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La Rapa

Our History

La Rapa has started its development in 2016 and in 2018 has officially launched. In a period of 2 years, La Rapa has been perfecting the quality and taste of its products and has entered the market successfully. By observing that the consumers are moving towards natural and un-additive, healthy, beneficial products today; La Rapa founded the manufacturing plant in Melbourne. At the same time, La Rapa who prefers to make a difference at all times, has done a research between those that are Turnip Juice consumers to come to a conclusion that the consumers are missing the natural and traditional way Turnip Juice is produced. In 2018, with the quality of La Rapa the first productions of the long awaited Turnip Juice has been produced. Our greatest priority is to make production without changing our first day’s taste, quality and naturalness, and our vision will not change under any circumstances.

Only Natural Ingredients

We Use Best Quality Products for Our Products

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